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Should College Tuition Be Free - 1105 Words

Education is a very essential aspect in our world. A famous leader by the name of Nelson Mandela once said â€Å"Education is the most influential implement which you can use to change the world.† ( Brainy Quotes). Those words that he said are very true concerning today s society; however much of today’s society cannot receive a higher level of education due to many reasons. How are we to change the world if most people can’t get into higher education? College itself is very expensive and puts a financial burden on families.In Europe as well as many other places around the world college is free which allows all sorts of kids to attend. In addition to this, many people do not have the motivation and or desire to reach a upper class of education in college. If we are able to incorporate free tuition in colleges, this would enable families and students to attend. College tuition should be free because families cannot afford it; it would create fair treatment for eve ryone and would diminish poverty. So in today’s world should college education be free? Attending college has been part of American lives since the 1500s. When we look at the affordability of college, the costs have only increased from the 1970’s to present day. According to recent statistics from bloomberg, college tuition has increased â€Å"1,120 percent since records began in 1978.†In the same time period, medical expenses have climbed 601 percent, while the price of food has increased 244 percent† (Bloomberg).Show MoreRelatedCollege Tuition Should Be Free Essay1197 Words   |  5 PagesCollege Tuition Should Be Free For All Students College tuition should be free because even with a good degree it is hard for students to overcome the crippling debt of college tuition. High tuition prices are also an obstacle that keeps out those without access to affordable education, even though they may be great candidates who may do well in college and head their field in the future. The current system displays several flaws. The government should put the money slotted for financial aid intoRead MoreShould College Tuition Be Free?1115 Words   |  5 Pagestoday’s society is that college tuition should be free or if not free, more affordable for all students. Certainly, higher education should not be considered a luxury where only the wealthy could afford, but an opportunity for all caste systems. It must be an accessible and affordable opportunity for all students in order for them to invest in their education. Higher education is important because it provides more careers to choose from than the careers offered witho ut having a college degree. UltimatelyRead MoreCollege Free Tuition Should Not Be Free971 Words   |  4 PagesCollege Free Tuition Education is one of the best ways to succeed; however not everyone has access to it and not everyone has the opportunity to have a degree. After high school a lot of students drop out because the college tuitions are too expensive; they can’t afford them. A couple weeks ago, president Obama came with a proposition in which to make community college free for students because more jobs will require a degree in the future. The program will concern the students who are serious.Read MoreCollege Tuition Should Be Free1165 Words   |  5 Pages College Tuition Should be Free By: Alonzo Myers 29 February 2016 Gardner-Webb University Dr. Lisa Cantrell English 101 Thesis: College tuition should be free because the number of students in debt after they complete college is extremely high. Outline I. Introduction II. Statistics III. Opposition IV. Conclusion Introduction All over America there are students who go off to visit amazing schools that they think are for them, then they start narrowing down their choices and comeRead MoreCollege Should Offer Free Tuition867 Words   |  4 PagesHaving a college degree is considered to a vital part of being successful in today’s day and age. College degrees are really expensive, but in a long run they really pay off. College can be a big financial burden so with that being said, in my opinion, I think community college should offer free tuition with some sort of standards to be eligible for free tuition. President Barack Obama conveyed a speech at Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan this past September. President Obama proposedRead MoreShould College Tuition Be Free? America? Essay1267 Words   |  6 Pages Why should college tuition be free in America? The majority of students who graduate leave their alma mater with two things: a degree and a large sum of debt. The current student debt in America is 1.2 trillion dollars. Graduate students account for nearly 40 percent of this debt. From 1985 to 2007 the amount of student debt increased by 7.9 percent. In 1994 the average student borrowed eleven thousand dollars for school. By 2014, however, that figure had increased to thirty-five thousand dollarsRead MoreShould Community College Tuition Be Free?875 Words   |  4 PagesMy immediate response is yes, of course I want community college tuition to be free but then I realized I am already in my second year this will not apply to me. As I further ponder over it I can not help but to think on what terms would this be under. Will you have to have a certain GPA? Will it only be available to us citizens? Will there be a age stipulation? There is a number of factors that can be put on this â⠂¬Å"Free Tuition†. It sounds like an amazing offer be is it really? After hearing theRead MoreCommunity College Education Should Not Be Tuition Free998 Words   |  4 PagesCommunity College Education Should Not Be Tuition Free Every year, millions of students graduate from high school and consider studying in community college. The main reason for them to choose community colleges over four-year universities is the affordable tuition, or they have undecided majors for their careers. Unfortunately, an academic article published in 2014 â€Å"How to Help College Students Graduate,† Kirp demonstrated, â€Å"American students are enrolling college in record numbers, but they areRead MoreShould The Federal Government Should Allow Free College Tuition And The Effects And Consequences Of Doing900 Words   |  4 PagesIn order to have a decent job it is believed that one must attend college and submerge with a degree. It is exactly why most people in the states pursue higher education, a key component to possess financial security. The task at hand has become a challenging achievement, now more than ever, as a result of skyrocketing tuition cost. It causes students to take out massive loans which, at t imes, cannot be returned and therefore creating billions in debt for the United States. The idea that studentRead MoreShould Taxpayers Fund College Tuition? No?909 Words   |  4 PagesAnna Lis Professor Holly Boux Political Science 103 December 1st, 2015 Should Taxpayers Fund College Tuition? No Dear Representative John Kline, Executive Summary: In the United States, college should remain an accessible opportunity for Americans. Any one who is willing to put in the hard work and effort to make their future better, should be secured an education. A college education is important to one s future and can make a huge difference in how successful someone can become.

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Non-medical use of X-ray machines - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 613 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/10/10 Did you like this example? In the early periods, x-rays were employed in different ways. Apart from the medical therapy whereby the x-rays are used, there are non-medical ways in which they are used. They can be utilized for, carbon dating, sterilization of foods and equipment and then they can be used for industrial purposes. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Non-medical use of X-ray machines" essay for you Create order Use of radioactive substances exposes the users to significant dangers. When human beings are exposed to radioactive materials, they may develop cancer. In case somebody had cancer like lung cancer, x-rays increase the rate of cancer. In this essay, I will discuss the early non-medical uses of X-ray and their consequences. Radiation was used in carbon dating. While living, every living organism absorbs carbon compounds including the carbon 14 isotope. Carbon 14 atom is radioactive when exposed to beta emission, and it has a half-life of about 5700 years. Once the specimen dies, it stops absorbing carbon. So to establish the age of the sample, it is a matter of measuring the amount of carbon in the sample (Kraft, 2006). The radiation can also be used as a sterilizer. X-ray radiation can destroy biological materials. Medical equipment might be dangerous when invaded with bio-organics. To avoid the cases where medical equipment are affected with bio-organisms, sterilization is done before they are used. Any contamination is destroyed through the use of radiation sterilization. On the other hand, emissions are used to lengthen the period which food can spoil. Radiations are used to kill all the agents that hasten the rate of food spoilage. If food is not exposed to microorganisms, and micro organic matter, then it will remain fresh for a long time. Radiation rays are used to destroy these microorganisms so food can be stored for longer periods of time (Kraft, 2006). Radiation is also paramount in industrial development. For instance, emissions are used as a tool for removing toxic pollutants like exhaust gases emitted from coal powered industries. A radiated electron beam is capable of eliminating dangerous Sulphur dioxides and oxides of nitrogen from the environment. Fabrics used to make clothes are also irradiated before they are taken to the wrinkle resistant and soil releasing chemicals. The irradiation is used to keep the chemicals bind on the clothes and keep clothes wrinkle free and fresh all day long. Cooking utensils are also treated with gamma rays to ensure that food does not stick on the metal surface. Engineers also use radioactive gauges to measure paper thickness and level of fluids in the tanks. X-ray process is used in finding hidden defects in metals (Kraft, 2006). With the vast uses of the radiations, there are dangers which are associated with human exposure to the radiation. A scientist has revealed that the exposure to radiation can cause cancer. Radioactive waves are small such that they can make a way through human body destroying genetic makeup found in human DNA. Cancer is thus caused by strange mutations when one is exposed to excessive amounts of radiation (Bushong, 2013). When one walks away from radioactive substances, they reduce risks associated with them. But once inhaled, the radioactive elements stay in the body. Once inhaled, the radioactive products diffuse into the body, and they trigger the rate of lung cancer. They increase the rate and intense which lung cancer attacks the patient (Bushong, 2013). In conclusion, X-rays is a radioactive substance that was used in carbon dating, sterilization of foods and medical instruments as well as industrial component. In the industries, radioactive materials are used in clothing for fabrics, making of cooking utensils as well as means of measuring by engineers. There are dangers associated with the utilization of the X-rays. They cause cancer as well as accelerating the rate of cancer in human beings.

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Reading And Writing Of Reading - 976 Words

Are reading and writing connected? Reading and writing have always been strong elements, in our lives, studies have shown that reading affects writing and vise-versa. Stephen King said, â€Å"If you could put together a model car or assemble a piece of furniture from directions you could write a sentence†. He states the importance of two powerful elements, reading and writing, and by putting them together we could make something out of them. I can come to terms with the fact that reading and writing are the key elects to many opportunities although it has not always been easy to convey. Reading and writing together are both the path to improving our vocabulary and expanding of our knowledge, even though certain people will argue differently, and say that only one (reading or writing) of them is the key element. First, the important connection that reading and writing has to our vocabulary is that we expand our mind and our words as well. Elements like reading and writing are both major factors on what someone can accomplish, reading helps us become better writers in writing an essay or even a book. It also starts from the time we start going to school, that we learn how to read and write, how to sound our consonants and vowels. Instilling in us from the beginning the importance of reading and writing; are our teachers, preparing us for our future, academically and in the workforce. Roseanne Rocha Tavares once said, â€Å"In recent years many authorities have called for the necessityShow MoreRelatedReading And Writing Of Reading1156 Words   |  5 Pagesthat come from learning about reading and writing. Such skills as reading road signs, writing your information down on job applications, and being able to read regulations and laws are all possible due to learning how to read and write. The se skills are critical to learn at a young age because it helps students with academics, affects how quickly the everyday person can read or write in the future, and impacts the jobs citizens can get after graduating. Reading and writing has impacted me in a numerousRead MoreReading Writing : Reading And Writing862 Words   |  4 PagesReading and writing isn t and was never my thing in early education. Reading always intimidated me, it wasn t relaxing like a lot of people had told me. I could never find a good book that caught my interest and that I wanted to finish. I despised reading out loud in from of my classmates. My problem wasn t that I just disliked it, it was that I thought I was bad at it. I stumbled on words that seemed like everyone else knew. I was unconfident, unappreciative, and unmotivated when it came toRead MoreWriting, Reading, And Reading898 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal Statement #1: UC Irvine Writing and reading, to me, work harmoniously. They go together like peanut butter and jelly - although I am not that fond of peanut butter. Nevertheless, it is essential to read in order to experience growth in one’s writing. As it is essential to write, so there could be more voices and more books of ones liking out in the world to read. Reading was one of my favorite activities as a child (and still is). Books took me to other realms and made me experience feelingsRead MoreImportance Of Reading And Writing827 Words   |  4 Pagesdescription in my writing to help the reader feel like they are a part of the story. I would describe myself as a novice reader looking to become an avid reader. Whenever I do choose to read, I find it to be a great way to escape reality. I feel I am going to another place and time. I become invested in the characters and feel like I am a part of the story. Writing allows me to express my thoughts. I love to create a story line and help the readers to picture the scene. Reading and writing, to me, areRead MoreThe Ideas Of Reading And Writing1434 Words   |  6 PagesBechdel Essay The ideas of reading and writing seem intertwined, in order to do one of them you must be able to do the other. Which, makes both equally as powerful as the other in language and literature. Most authors who talk about the ideology of reading and writing, compose their works mainly based off of outside sources, mainly. However, author/comic writer Alison Bechdel composes a story about writing the story and the troubles and hardships she encountered while writing. This oddly more intricateRead MoreThe Importance Of Reading And Writing860 Words   |  4 Pagesgoing to school in order to have the essentials I need in life. Reading and writing make the world go round. If the human race was unable to express their voices, we would all be doomed. Reading gives you knowledge, it allows you to step into another person’s shoes, to see, to feel, to learn and to imagine what they experienced. Without writing there would be nothing to read. They go hand and hand. I was never a fan of reading, I had trouble pronouncing words as a kid; in fact I had to goRead MoreQuestions On Reading And Writing1203 Words   |  5 PagesAnonymous I used to loathe reading and writing. I still do. There is however, a difference between my feelings regarding reading and writing in my past compared to my feelings now. I didn’t know who I was or what my thoughts were on many subjects. I also had trouble connecting with the stories I was reading. The main turning point in my attitude towards reading was in my ninth grade English class. My teacher, Mrs. Schultz, taught me, or maybe I finally decided to listen, and I found a deeperRead MoreThe Ideas Of Reading And Writing1430 Words   |  6 PagesThe ideas of reading and writing seem intertwined, in order to do one of them you must be able to do the other. Which, makes both equally as powerful as the other in language and literature. Most authors who talk about the ideology of reading and writing compose their works mainly based off of outside sources, mainly. However, author/comic writer Alison Bechdel composes a story about writing the story and the troubles and hardshi ps she encountered while writing. This oddly more intricate story thoughRead MoreThe Importance Of Reading And Writing915 Words   |  4 PagesReading and Writing matters a lot in today’s society to be successful. I interviewed three individuals on their perspective of reading and writing. Here is a little about them. I first interviewed my cousin LaTeeka Fullum in person. She works at University Hospital as a patient care assistant in the Seidman Center . My cousin LaTeeka has a warm heart; for saving lives. The second person I interviewed, also in person, was my best friend Jessica. She is a registered nurse and works at Cleveland ClinicRead MoreThe Importance of Reading and Writing655 Words   |  3 PagesImportance of Reading and Writing Reading and writing are both important; you can’t have one without the other. They are skills that are increased constantly due to little things that most times are not noticed. Whether it is from a book to a poem, there will always be a way that it helps out your school performance. Reading and writing in general only helps absorb information, and enhance leisure or school related writing tasks. It has also made life itself so much easier because reading and writing

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War in Iraq An Unnecessary War Essay - 1339 Words

America Troops Are Fighting an Unnecessary War In excess of 600 billion dollars has been spent on the war in Iraq since it began in 2003, plus over four thousand U.S. troops have died because of this war, and despite a struggling economy the US government is keeping our troops in Iraq with no end in sight. The war in Iraq is a current military operation that began, without a declaration of war, on March 20, 2003 and is still taking place today in 2009(Rogalski). Americans have been shielded from this war and have forgotten why we went to war in the first place. Thus clarification is needed by the American public on why the invasion on Iraq was baseless, how the mismanagement is affecting our soldiers and what the overall end result could†¦show more content†¦Various people may argue that we attacked Iraq since they are responsible for the attacks on September 11th and Americans needed to fight back. However, the Washington Post printed the following statement in June 2004, â€Å"The Sept. 11 commission reported yesterd ay that it has found no ‘collaborative relationship’ between Iraq and al Qaeda, challenging another one of the Bush administrations main justifications for the war in Iraq†(Pincus). This confirms that two of the key components for our invasion on Iraq were spurious and Bush had no explanation to proclaim war with Iraq. Former President Bush utilized his authority in an effort to make Americans feel secure, by declaring an avoidable and costly war that has yielded nothing more than debt and death. No weapons of mass destruction have been recovered along with no established link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda; therefore, the invasion on Iraq was not justified and must end soon. Subsequently, the war in Iraq is not only unjustified, it is mismanaged and our soldiers are suffering dreadfully. The war in Iraq is not effectively being managed since numerous soldiers claim the amount of drinkable water is in short supply. Despite the billions of dollars spent on ammunition, countless soldiers claim they are not getting enough drinkable water. In a desert environment, with the average temperature reaching one hundred and twenty degrees in August, the body can lose up to four gallons of water per day.Show MoreRelatedThe War Was A Humanitarian War1275 Words   |  6 PagesThe Iraq War began in 2003 in an attempt to remove the threat of weapons of mass destruction, while also trying to free the Iraqi people from their evil dictator, Saddam Hussein. This war was costly in many different aspects in the fact that it cost the United States thousands of dollars and wounded or killed many U.S. soldiers. Despite these costs, the U.S. was successful in freeing the Iraqi people, but no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. The Iraq War was a humanitarian war becauseRead More War in Iraq Essay1006 Words   |  5 Pages The war against Iraq began on March 20, 2002, when the U.S lunched â€Å"Operation Iraqi Freedom†. This was after President Bush called Iraq part of an â€Å"axis of evil†, also calling the country dangerous which is threatening U.S with the world’s most destructive weapons. The major phase of the war began when U.S troops marched within 50 miles of Baghdad with heavy aerial attacks on Baghdad and other cities. After the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon which was believed to be the work of Al QaedaRead MoreWho is Responsible for the Establishment of the War in Iraq?699 Words   |  3 PagesAccountability: After reviewing the just war theory in relation to the war in Iraq, it is assessed the Iraq war did not meet the requirements for the Iraq war. Michael Walzer stated that, ‘the Iraq war was an unnecessary war and unnecessary wars are also unjust wars’ (Religion and Ethics news weekly, 2009, Online). As a result, the Iraq war did not have a plausible cause or authorisation for intervention. Due to the failure to assess whether Iraq did conceal WMD, Weapons inspector David Kay arguesRead MoreAmerican Wars Abroad1567 Words   |  7 PagesDuring the Cold War the United States was involved in numerous conflicts overseas. As the Cold War progressed there were occasions where the US extended its participation beyond what was necessary by not acting in a quick and decisive manner. When dealing with crisis or conflict, America must not prolong foreign involvement. The Vietnam War and the Arms Race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union are two instances where America prolonged in volvement past what was necessary. Certain aspects of bothRead MoreThe War Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction982 Words   |  4 Pagesdollars has been spent on the war in Iraq since it began in 2003, plus over four thousand U.S. troops have died because of this war, and despite a struggling economy the US government is keeping our troops in Iraq with no end in sight. The war in Iraq is a current military operation that began, without a declaration of war, on March 20, 2003 and is still taking place today in 2009(Thompson). Americans have been shielded from this war and have forgotten why we went to war in the first place. Thus clarificationRead MoreThe Bush Doctrine and the Iraq War: Neoconservatives vs. Realists - Review1256 Words   |  6 PagesI intend to review â€Å"The Bush Doctrine and the Iraq War: Neoconservatives vs. Realists† by Brian C. Schmidt and Michael C. Williams. The reason for choosing this article for review is simply because of its relevance today througho ut the Middle East and how the American foreign policy is drastically changing the dynamics of the world. Schmidt and Williams use the elements of the neoconservative Bush Doctrine to show the direct contrast between realists and neoconservatives. The authors use the BushRead MoreEssay Similarities Between the War in Iraq and the Vietnam War831 Words   |  4 PagesSimilarities Between the War in Iraq and the Vietnam War   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  As time passes, every society endures situations which stress its very fabric. Each societies history is sprinkled with these situations. One such situation which the United States underwent was the Vietnam war. For years this particular event has been hotly debated. Hardly anyone who was present at the time agrees on any point concerning this war, except that they regret it. It has become the greatest American foreign policy calamityRead MoreWhy Has American Stopped Winning Wars?810 Words   |  4 PagesIn his article, â€Å"Why Has American Stopped Winning Wars?† Dominic Tierney discusses some of the topics in his recent book, â€Å"The Right Way to Lose a War: America in an Age of Unwinnable Conflicts.† The book, unlike the article, provides recommendations for how America can adapt to a new era of warfare. Having said that, Tierney’s article published in the The Atlantic, provides no such recommendations nor does it provide adequate reaso ning to support his argument, rather he leaves the reader emotionallyRead MoreWar I Was A Military War Veteran1050 Words   |  5 PagesAs a military war veteran, Iraq struck a nerve with me for the simple fact that I had to go there to fight a war that was really unnecessary and drawn out. When first hearing about us going to Iraq I was a little nervous, but also excited for the wrong reasons. I was excited for the fact that I could say that I deployed. I could simply show off my deployment patch and put something on my class A uniform. as well but the thought of possibly going there and losing my life was kind of disturbing. IRead More debate against war with Iraq Essay551 Words   |  3 PagesAgainst Topic: War I.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;One page response a. Debate points II.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Two page response a.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Introduction b. Debate points c. Conclusion War is defined for some as an armed conflict between two nations over a disputed situation, and is needed when there is nothing else that can be done. A natural occurrence that repeats it’s self through out time. While others feel that war is an unnecessary dispute, that leads

Definitions Paper Free Essays

Definitions Paper OI/361 Innovation, Design, and Creativity for a Competitive Advantage March 18, 2013 Innovation is important for progress. Without companies and people to drive new ideas in the workplace there would not be progress. The American Heritage Dictionary defines innovation states, â€Å"The acting of introducing something new† (American Heritage Dictionary 2008). We will write a custom essay sample on Definitions Paper or any similar topic only for you Order Now Many forms of innovation exist, however, in business it is link to the sharing of information through desire and passion to deliver results. Furthermore, innovation does not have to be this spectacular new product. However, the innovation needs to benefit the public or business. This paper will show the definition of every term, discusses their business implications, and a comparison and contrast. Design is a tangible thing that is created from an activity. According to the University of Phoenix text, â€Å"Design is the conscious decision-making process by which information (an idea) is transformed into an outcome, be it tangible (product) or intangible (service)† (2008). Design is the link to the corporate industry because many people relate to industry. However, design is also a decision to change something. Creativity comes from the mind; the company or companies have a vision in which they want to show they have the best products on the market. What bothers these companies is they rely on raw data, evidence of success. Mohawk Carpets has brought many innovations to the flooring industry. The organization has a reputation for leading the industry in technology and quality within the flooring business. In 1997, Mohawk purchase a large ceramic tile company from Dallas Texas named Dal tile to compete in the entire flooring industry. Since the purchase Mohawk Carpets became the largest flooring manufacture in the United States through technology and innovation, design and creativity, such as self-design programs on line which allows homeowners to put in a DVD and use there creativeness and build the rooms they want resurfaces. This innovation gave Mohawk Carpet customers the ability to make decisions from home and not feel pressured while at the floor shop. Furthermore, the customers would know exactly what they want when they purchase the flooring products. Or at least have the knowledge of what questions to ask. These three facets play critical roles in organizational objectives, in today’s trends regarding business implications; companies must have an idea and be able to implement it for the success of such company. These ideas are crucial to keep an aggressive margin or stay firm against the competing businesses. Most all companies will hire an employee with creative ideas that would give the business an advantage in the trade it is in. References Contrast Innovation, Design, and Creativity Paper. StudyMode. com. Retrieved March 18, 2013, from http://www. studymode. com/essays/Contrast-Innovation-Design-And-Creativty-Paper-486741. html Von Stamm, B. (2008). Managing innovation, design, and creativity 2nd ed. Retrieved March 18, 2013, from www. ecampus. phoenix. edu How to cite Definitions Paper, Essay examples

Customer Satisfaction of Maruti free essay sample

It was in 1970 that Sanjay Gandhi envisioned the manufacture of maruti which is known popularly as the peoples car it is maruti which is known to give wheels to the nation. The first car of mauti was rolled out on Dec. 14, 1983 after a collaboration with Suzuki motors. Satisfaction is a persons feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from a comparing perceived performance in relation to his or her expectation. If the performance falls short of expectation, the consumer is dissatisfied. If the performance matches the expectations, he consumer is satisfied. If the performance xceeds expectation, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted. In todays competitive scenario firms consistently tries to satisfy his existing customer to get more customers in every regards. To meet the desired expectation of customers companies has to look around all aspects of products services and of course market condition, otherwise they may be out of the race. Automobile industry has the same competitiveness and every firm in the industry is consistently working for enhancing their product and services. The study widely concentrates on the level of satisfaction amongst customers for hich I did Exploratory Research to check the satisfaction level amongst the customers of Maruti as the popular punchline also says Count On Us. Introduction India is an emerging country with huge potential. The domestic economy is now growing at around 9-10% per annum and Indias importance in global terms is being reinforced by rapidly rising exports and domestic consumption. At a time when numbers of a slowdown and overheating in the Indian economy have started gaining momentum, the Indian rupee sprang a surprise by pushing the GDP fgure past the trillion-dollar crore) mark. The automotive industry is at the center of Indias new global dynamic. The domestic market expanding rapidly as incomes rise and consumer credit becomes more widely available. Manufacturers product lines are being continually expanded, as is the local automotive manufacturing base. Expectation are high that India can develop as a global hub for vehicle manufacturers and as an outsourcing center that offers the global automotive industry solution high up the automotive value chain. India eyes 25 million automotive Jobs. Indias GDP is set to double over the next decade ollar terms, the sectors contribution is set to quadruple to some $145bn The automobile industry in India accounts for a business volume of $45 billion and has the potential to grow much faster both through Indian as well as international manufacturers who have established huge facilities in the country with the worlds second largest and fastest-growing population, there is no denying Indias potential in both economic and population terms and the effect it will have on the auto industry in the years to come. The country is already off to a good start, with a well- eveloped components industry and a production level of 1 million four-wheeled vehicles a year, plus a further 5 million two- and three-wheelers. The implications, market drivers and scope of a future massive Indian vehicle market are covered in the India Strategic Market Profile, a brand-new forecast of Indian automotive and related activity to 2020. Based on Max Pembertons unique relational long-term forecasting model, it forecasts car and CV sales, demographics, materials usage, auto industry employment, and explains their inter- year of healthy growth in auto industry. INDUSTRY GROWTH [pic] Future of the Automobile in the Economy US based consultancy, keystone predicts that India will become worlds third largest automobile market by 2030. Overall size expected to exceed 20 million with compounded annual growth rate of over 12%. India Then Now 1983 Number of brands 2 Number of models 2 2008 Number of brands 30 Number of models 70 Some of the Car companies in India: Maruti Suzuki Fiat General motors (Opel, Chevrolet) Ford Hindustan motors, Mitsubishi Honda Hyundai Baja tempo Marinara Mercedes Benz Nissan San engineering Soda Toyota Top three manufacturers: Tate motors Car segmentation: This is done on the basis of size and price of the car A segment: maruti800, omni B segment: Zen, wagon-r, alto, Santo, polio, indicia C segment: esteem, accent, indigo, icon, Honda city, civic D-segment: opera, Octavia, sonata, monde, accord, corolla, Camry, Mercedes Marutis emphasis Role of the Sales Person He should be neatly dressed He should have knowledge about various products Features Variants Colors Prices Sales promotion campaigns Competitor products , their features , prices ,etc. Latest service and warranty policies Current availability Carry copy of ready reckoner Do not leave the customer unattended for more than 3 minutes Customer Care Team: Role of the Customer Care Manager: Customer Care Manager is the leader of the customer care team. He is accountable for the sales satisfaction index of the dealership. The customer care manager ensures that every customer is properly followed up and feedback is recorded. Also the customer complaints are recorded and resolved as soon as possible to the level of satisfaction. The customer care executives report to the customer care manager. Initially does the Post Sales Follow up (PSF) and monitors the feedback forms at the showroom Post sales follow up PSFs are done in order to get the first hand feedback form the customer about the xperience that they had during the sales and delivery process. The first PSF is done within the 72 hours of delivery and the voice or exact wordings of the customer are recorded. The next PSF call is made after 15 days after the vehicle is delivered. The feedback form system is a very important tool to obtain customers feedback on the experience that the customer had during the purchase of his/her car. Steps to be followed after receiving customer complaint: Firstly customer acre manager gives a control number to all complaints received and records the same in the customer complaints control register. Then customer acre manager gets in touch with the customer over the phone and expresses regret on the inconvenience faced by the customer Immediate action is taken to ensure that the customer complaint is resolved and writes a letter of apology The customer care manager along with the concerned DSE, then visits the customer, hands over the letter and takes satisfaction note from the customer Then he sends a copy of the letter and the satisfaction note to Maruti Udyog Ltd. And also files a copy of the same in the customer complaints register/flle. Then the CCM discusses the customer complaints in the weekly meeting with the eneral manager on SSI with the entire showroom staff. Necessary counter measures are taken to ensure that such complaints are not repeated in future. All sales staff and managers review customer care activities on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The SSI review meet is conducted regularly. According to Maruti A customer is the most important visitor on our premises He is not dependent on us , We are dependent on him, He is not an interruption on our work, He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider on our business, He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor serving him, Opportunity to do so How you communicate Your words Your voice Your body language Moments of truth Expectation 7% 35% 58% satisfaction- what you expected than you expected Expectationdelight more than you expected dissatisfaction reality reality When customers dont complain they go somewhere else. If you get If you get less Customers dont complain. They pass on their dissatisfaction to their colleagues , family , greengrocer, suppliers , consultants, managers , sports club, grandparents, neighbours, director, to you. Market Research Project Title Customer Satisfaction Survey of Maruti Udyog Limited Project involves: Introduction about Maruti -Procedure followed by Maruti for catering to the needs and queries of the customers -Application of Five Forces Model in the Automobile Industry -Quantitative research -Awareness regarding the facilities provided by Maruti -Overall opinion about Maruti Research Methodology: The purpose of methodology is to describe the process involved in research work. This includes the overall research design, data collection method, the field survey and the analysis of data. Research Objective: To find the satisfaction amongst the customers of Maruti. Research Design: Detailed and structured questionnaire was designed. Survey a sample of 100 customers. was designed to get information from customers about their satisfaction and overall opinion about Maruti. Sources of Data: Primary data Secondary data Field of Survey: The field work for the survey was conducted in Gurgaon and Jaipur. The exercise involved face to face interview with the customers. Analysis: The important factors and datas collected were sequentially analyzed and graphed. Limitations of the Study: The sample size is only 100 so the sample may not be truly representative of the Gurgaons and Delhis population. Analysis I Knowledgeable Salesperson I No. of Respondents Percentage 186% 14% I I Strongly Disagree I Disagree I Neither Disagree Nor Agree I I Agree I I Strongly Agree 10 186 114 86% people agreed that the sales persons are knowledgeable and 14% strongly disagreed that the sales persons are knowledgeable. I Employees spent enough time with you before sales I Percentage 164% I No. of Respondents 164 136 64% people agreed that the sales persons spent enough time with them before the I Employees spent enough time with you during sales 162% 14 162 134 62% agreed that sales persons spent enough time with them during the sales , while 34% strongly agreed that the sales persons spent enough time with them during ales and only 4% disagreed with this. I Employees spent enough time with you after sales 122 154 126 60% agreed that the sales persons spent enough time with them after sales ,26% strongly agreed with this and 14% disagreed that the sales persons spent enough time with them after sales. I Display of Merchandize 194 16 94% agreed that the display of merchandize was attractive and 6% strongly agreed that the display of merchandize was attractive. I Availability of the Product 15 191% 91% agreed that the availability of the product was there, 5% strongly agreed that the vailability was there while only 4% said they disagreed with this. I Variety/Selection of Merchandize 187% 187 87% agreed that there was variety/selection of merchandize whereas 7% strongly agreed that enough variety was there and 6% disagreed with this. I Vehicle in Good Condition 182% 116% 182 116 82% agreed that the vehicle was in good condition when delivered , 16% strongly agreed with this whereas only 2% disagreed with this. I Prices are Affordable 112% 115% 121% 112 115 152 64% strongly agreed that the prices are affordable , 21% agreed that the prices are ffordable whereas only 15% said that they neither disagreed nor agreed with this. I Attractive discounts offered | 47 127 55% agreed that the discounts offered are attractive , 34% strongly agreed with this while 11% disagreed and said that the discounts offered were not attractive. I D ©cor of the waiting area is pleasing 180 120 80%agreed that the d ©cor of the waiting area was pleasing while 20% strongly agreed that the d ©cor of the waiting area was pleasing I Offered a Test Drive | 74 74%agreed that the test drive was offered to them ,6% strongly agreed that the test rive was offered while 20% disagreed with this. I Post Sales Follow Up done regularly 159 59%agreed that the post sales follow ups are done regularly , 26% srongly agreed and 15%disagreed with this. I Responds to complaints Quickly 161% 118% 19 118 64% agreed that the response to complaints is quick , 18% strongly agreed , 12% neither agreed nor disagreed and 6% disagreed with this. I Service at Maruti Service Station is excellent 82% said that the service at maruti service station is excellent , 14% strongly agreed while only 4% disagreed with this. I Careful with Personal Information 185% 18 185

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SEO title Taoism vs Buddhism - differences betwee Essays - Religion

SEO title: Taoism vs Buddhism - differences between Taoism and Buddhism H1: M ain facts about Taoism Taoism originated in Zhou China almost at the same time as the teaching of Confucius (6-5 centuries BC) in the form of an independent philosophical doctrine. The founder of Taoism is Laozi. His biography is connected with a number of legends, stories and a general halo of mysticism because there is no reliable historical and biographical information about him. But still, he is considered as the creator of the book Tao Te Ching (Book of the Way and its manifestations), created in the V - IV centuries. BC. e. - the main work, which provides the basic postulates, concepts, observations, mixed with fabulous digressions. A Taoism basic beliefof the doctrine is the concept of Tao, a comprehensive law, the Absolute. Tao - continuous movement, space, being, unity. Tao regulates the struggle of 2 cosmic opposites - the forces of Yin and Yang. It is simultaneously in a state o f motion and rest. The concept of Taoism is the observance of several dogmas, one of which is Non-intervention (the Wu Wei principle). A true Taoist will not waste his/her time and energy on good deeds and meaningless attempts to change the world. The ultimate goal is to know it, to merge into one, and then there will be happiness, which is identical to immortality. For this, it is necessary to observe a number of rules that relate to the nutrition of the body and the nutrition of the spirit, and also to observe the concept of non-action, in order to harmonize the work of the soul and the physical component of a person. The work of the spirit is the feeding of higher forces, which lead to good and bad deeds. So, for example, if a person feeds demons, then he moves away from the Tao, and his soul weakens. And if he feeds the spirits with his good deeds, then his/ her soul becomes stronger, and he approaches the Absolute. Therefore, it is important to do only good deeds, b e pure in thoughts, intentions. The work of the body is the observance of a special diet, which consists of the almost total refusal of physical food. By constant physical training, a person must bring his body to full control of reason and learn to eat his/ her own saliva and dew herbs and flowers, breathing exercises, physical and internal practices. It is believed that the teaching of the Tao helps to understand the followers of their purpose, teaches us to distinguish between good and bad, to understand the secrets of the world order, to live in harmony with our own microcosm and the macrocosm, the world inside and with nature. H2: A Brief Introduction to Buddhism Buddhism is the earliest appearance of three world religions. Other common religions - Christianity and Islam - appeared later (5 and 12 centuries later). The founder of the Buddhist teaching is a real person, named Siddhartha Gautama, known as a prince of the Shakyas, who became a path of trial, er ror, wandering, and, after all, meditation, the Buddha - the Awakened One. The central concept is Dharma, which embodies the Buddha's teaching, the truth, the path that every Buddhist must pass. One of the main goals of Buddhism is the path to nirvana. Nirvana is a state of awareness of one's own soul, achieved through self-denial, a rejection of the comfortable conditions of the external environment. Buddha, having spent a long time in meditations and deep reflections, mastered the method of control over one's own consciousness. In the process, he came to the conclusion that people are very attached to worldly goods, overly worried about the opinions of others. Because of this, the human soul not only does not develop but also degenerates. Having attained nirvana, you can lose this dependence. Therefore, the main goal of the disciples is to attain the state of the Buddha, full awakening, enlightenment, which will allow them to leave the cycle of permanent rebirths, break the circle of samsara and thereby stop suffering. Many people are attracted to Buddhism by the fact that they do not require a radical change in their